Naomi Raffoul, also known as Nam, is the creative visionary behind Nam Designs. During her pursuit towards a degree in finance, Naomi often searched for creative outlets to express herself. In 2019, Naomi launched the brand with a single goal in mind: to create beautiful sustainable accessories for women who don't want to compromise between being fashionable and environmental friendly. She draws inspiration from the tropical colors and creole-style fabrics of her hometown of Miami and French Guiana where she was born. 


Naomi has always been a giver. She often does volunteer work, from working with disabled veterans to handing out flyers for local political campaigns. During the pandemic, Naomi set out to donate a percentage of her sales to families affected by COVID-19 to Feeding America.

If you have any questions about the piece you currently own or are looking to purchase, or would like to learn more about Nam Designs, please feel free to email us at or head over to our 'Contact Us' page.